Seismic Renewal of Blocks of Flats
Seismic Renewal of Blocks of Flats

Due to urgent seismic renewal of blocks of flats within the historic centre of Dubrovnik, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Reconstruction and Housing created a project which improved stability of the existing objects to 1-2 degrees in relation to the existing one without evacuation of their residents or considerable researches and extensive project documentation.

The Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik took over the project of seismic renewal by grouting during 2000. In the period from 2000 till 2009 the works on seismic renewal were done on thirty one blocks of flats in the historic centre of Dubrovnik which comprises 143 objects with total gross surface of 66.887 square metres. In comparison to GIS in the historic centre there are 930 buildings with total gross surface of 268.172 square metres. It is elaborated the project documentation for seismic renewal for 40.000 square metres of buildings and this will require ensuring significant means through annual programmes.

All stone buildings have more or less cavities unevenly disposed along the volume of the stone walls and they essentially reduce resistance and stability of a building. Due to the old building methods of the stone walls, available tools and equipment and material possibilities of the past as well as the temporal washing out by rainy waters through stone walls' joints, percentage of these cavities varies from building to building and can be about 20% of the whole wall's volume. Strengthening of those stone walls is performed by grouting.

Consolidation of walls is performed by grouting, cleaning and pointing of walls and recently the beams are built in to improve the buildings' stability in a block or row. In this year the damaged roofs of the same buildings are being repaired in the same time as well as roofs' canals and parts of bearing stone elements of the facades. The aim is to do a complete protection of a building from atmospheric agents and to solve the exterior joinery as well as facades. Only to this way protected monument we can preserve integrity of its structure and enable its owners a good basis for further maintenance till the next step – ending the renewal of entresol construction.