Block the Street Androvićeva – Bošković's Square
Block the Street Androvićeva – Bošković's Square

Area: 1.010 m2
Duration of works: June 1989. – December 1990.
Cost: 545.663,03 US $

Design made by: Cirija Prkić, arch.,PB"Arhitekt"
Contractor: GP "Dubrovnik"
Supervision: Stanko Jović,C.E.,Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik
Construction foreman: Ante Srhoj, C.E.

Though in parcelling it is not one object in the present state this block presents one whole with the street Androvićeva from the north, the Passalaqua's staircase from west and Bošković's square from south. The object in the street Androvićeva was partly slipped under the object on the Bošković's square and the object on Bošković's square with its annex traversed over the object in the street Androvićeva. From the eastern side there is a ground-floor building and gardens.

In a part of the object there was a bakery and there was a large oven built on the second floor. During the renovation after the earthquake of 1979 it was pulled down as a recent structure which closed the atrium.

The 1979 earthquake severely damaged its construction and made large cracks.

The palace was built from the 16 to 17th century. It has the entrance from the street Androvićeva but during centuries with rebuilding, alterations and additions it changed the original look. The main task in reconstruction was to do static renewal but also to do physical and functional separation the corpus of the palace from its recent annexes.

It was decided to remove the object with entrance from Bošković's square which was built in the 19th century. The problem of facade towards Bošković's square remained as it became the main facade to the south. It was plastered and waits the final urban and architectural solution of the square.

The main entrance in the ground floor of the building is over the entrance court and atrium linked to the interior staircase.

Entresol construction is done in reinforced-concrete as well as the roof construction. Covering is done by special tiles 'kanalice'.

Northern and western facades remained unchanged while the eastern facade was changed by opening the atrium, closing of existing windows and separation of the building from the building on Bošković's square (later pulled down).

The palace now serves as a Natural-Science Museum.