Block Pred Dvorom
Block Pred Dvorom

Area: 2.500 m2
Duration of works: August 1985.- November 1986.
Cost: 3.780.764,18 US $

Design made by: Vladan Kovačević, C.E., Cirija Prkić arch., prof.dr. Miodrag Velkov, IZIIS, Skopje
Contractor: GP "Dubrovnik"
Supervision: Jurica Carić, arch.,Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik
Construction Foreman: Ante Srhoj, C.E.

A group of objects located west from the Rector's Palace overlooking the church of St.Blaise, though from different times, styles and valorisation, has a great importance in regard to its position in the historic centre and vicinity of the most important public buildings of the city.

This group of residential, trade and administrative buildings is bounded by streets Pred Dvorom, Lučarica, Zeljarica and Gundulić's square from its south side.

Remains of walls and stone fragments witness the mediaeval beginnings of the objects which receive the Renaissance, Baroque and Late Baroque characteristics after the earthquake of 1667, but also elements of the 19 and 20th centuries.

Each object has its own development, its solution of interior and exterior. Renovation project respected the individuality of each structure; therefore the preliminary design was changed several times. First it was done in 1981 then it was considerably changed in 1989 when the working design was done.

Residential, trade and administrative function of the block remained: west side is residential and east is administrative. The ground floor of the block is used for trade and catering.

The objects are strengthened by reinforced-concrete slabs in the level of all floors and the ground level: horizontal reinforced-concrete ring beams were executed, partly dug in the existing walls and tied by anchors; missing walls were built; on the most of the objects the sloping reinforced-concrete roof slabs were done.

Renovation works started in April 1985 and ended in August 1988.