Bell-tower of the Franciscan Church in Cavtat
Bell-tower of the Franciscan Church in Cavtat

Height: 24 m
Duration of works: 1988.
Cost: 77.889,00 US $

Design made by: Marko Farac, C.E.., PB"Arhitekt", Dubrovnik
Contractor: GRO "Građevinar"
Supervision: Stanko Jović, C.E.,Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik

This important historical monument in Cavtat was built following the 1667 earthquake. It underwent some interventions in the 19th century.

The structural repair and earthquake protection were carried out by means of reinforced concrete slabs at three levels and fourth at the foundations level. Four prestressed cables strained to 1050 KN were introduced in the square part of the bell tower and other eight of 350 KN in the octagonal part.

Recent stone lining from the 20th century was removed in order to restitute the original shape and fronts. The garden fence that touches the bell tower was corrected.