The Monastery of St.Nicolas in Ston
The Monastery of St.Nicolas in Ston

Area: 1.820 m2
Duration of works: June 1989. – December 1990.
Cost: 1.801.957,00 US $

Design made by: Dubravka Baković, arch., Darko Novaković, arch., PB "Arhitekt"
Contractor: GRO "Dubrovnik"
Supervision: Marko Biskup, arch.,Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik
Construction foreman: Nikola Bender, civil engineering technician

This is an example of valuable conventual architecture from the late 14th and early 15th centuries. The building was damaged already in the 1667 earthquake, but the original Gothic and Renaissance style characteristics were preserved in its reconstruction. However, the western part of the monastery was nor reconstructed until recently.

In the last intervention, the walls and the foundations were consolidated, the roof was replaced and the missing western part reconstructed. The church is still in function, and the monastery is used as old people's home, organised by Franciscan nuns that participated in the funding of its restoration.