Bell-tower of the Dominican Monastery
Bell-tower of the Dominican Monastery

Height: 38 m
Duration of works: June 1988. – March 1989.
Cost: 121.841,26 US $

Design made by: Slobodan Janjić, arch., PB"Arhitekt",Dubrovnik, Prof.Dražen Aničić,C.E. Ph.D.
Contractor: GRO „Građevinar“
Supervision: Stanko Jović, C.E.,Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik
Construction foreman: Željko Peković, arch.

It was erected at the end of the 14th and first half of the 15th century as a mutual work of Italian and local masters. It contains the elements of the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance styles with Baroque features in the small dome on top. It is placed within the monastery's complex in the northeast part of the City near the Ploče Gate. The bell-tower has irregular square ground plan with dimensions of 450 x 450 cm, and 31 m height to the tambour of the dome. In its lower part the bell-tower is a constituent part of the neighbouring buildings; monastery's church and the monastery and most probably has its foundations on a rock.

The renovation started in April 1988. The connection of the bell-tower with the neighbouring objects was performed in the level of cornice of the objects and its stability was obtained by vertical prestressed steel cables anchored in reinforced concrete slabs; one on the level of the second floor and the other on the level of the fifth floor which enables the elastic behaviour during earthquakes. The additional stiffening of the bell-tower was achieved by system of restrained steel diagonals.