Palace in the Street Miha Pracata-City's Library
Palace in the Street Miha Pracata-City's Library

Area: 1.110 m2
Duration of works: February 1984. – November 1985
Cost: 1.120.842,11 US $

Design made by: Dubravka Baković, arch., PB "Arhitek", Dubrovnik
Contractor:: GP "Dubrovnik”
Supervision: Aleksandar Čučić, arch., Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik 
Construction foreman: Mario Ivušić, C.E.

The building has a high ambience value and it is located between the streets Od Puča, Cvijete Zuzorić, Miha Pracata and Uska.

It was a residential building with shops in the ground floor and a hall for performances and concerts on the second floor. The palace united some smaller mediaeval houses as it was found their border and divisible walls during the research works.

The original inside ground floor changed with changing of purpose and usage of the space. These conversions caused many adaptations and the object lost its primary look. Many bearing walls of larger dimensions were pulled down.

In the earthquake of 1979 its construction was damaged. Renovation works started in February 1984 and ended in December 1985. Since the existing ground plan is not valorised as historically valued, the interior disposition of the space is adjusted to new needs for public facilities. It was executed in the contemporary way with a light reinforced concrete construction i.e. construction's system which enables free organization of the interior.

The existing space organization of the staircase is respected. The existing stone staircase did not fulfil seismic regulations as it was built in stone with consoles in the wall. Due to its fan-shaped form it was impossible to buttress it up and in case of need there was no other communication. This reason caused execution of a fan-shaped reinforced-concrete slab with stone tread of full profile and form as the existing one. This way it was repeated the existing form and shape of the staircase and the seismic regulations were fulfilled.

The first floor has the shape of an open gallery. On a part of the gallery the grid of columns follows the previous disposition of middle bearing walls. The roof construction is also of reinforced-concrete and the foundations are stripped.

A large hall on the second floor with its mirror vault was preserved as well as its neo-classicist inventory from the second half of the 19th century. The place of the main entrance was changed from the street Od Puča and the library has the entrance from the street Cvijete Zuzorić.