Sorkočević Palace, Cvijete Zuzorić 6
Sorkočević Palace, Cvijete Zuzorić 6

Area: 1.110 m2
Duration of works: February 1984. – November 1985.
Cost: 760.991,62 US $

Design made by: Cirija Prkić, arch., PB "Arhitekt",Dubrovnik
Contractor: GP "Dubrovnik"
Supervision: Aleksandar Čučić, arch., Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik 
Construction foreman: Mario Ivušić, C.E.

The palace is located between the streets mentioned in the 13th century. Due to its well-proportioned dimensions, distinctive space disposition, high-quality stone ornaments and its facade's composition, the palace is highly evaluated. It dates from the second half of the 16th century and belongs among the most valuable High Renaissance residential architecture in Dubrovnik. The palace was built on the foundations of the late Romanesque and the early Gothic palaces which was discovered during the previous research works undertaken after the earthquake of 1979.

Its construction was badly damaged in the 1979 earthquake and the palace was put on the renovation priority list. It was renovated by application of reinforced-concrete elements.

The renovation project returned back its original ground plan space disposition of the floors and all recent alterations were removed. The renovation and reinforcement of the construction were performed by the system of reinforced-concrete entresol slabs and horizontal ring beams and strengthening of walls was partly executed by guniting method which slightly changed dimensions of the rooms.

The Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik is placed in the palace and the Conservation Department of Dubrovnik is on the first floor. The palace is in public use and well presented and maintained.