Musical School
Musical School

Area: 4.143 m2
Duration of works: July 1982. – July 1984.
Cost: 7.079.564,27 US $

This architectural complex was built after the earthquake in 1667 on the foundations of two almost completely demolished churches and a convent of St. Simeon as well as partly preserved monastery of St. Apostles. During research works on the locality the structures of a late antique building from the 9 or 10th century were found on which the church of St. Peter was built in pre-Romanesque style. On the beginning of the 18th century on the church's foundations a new baroque church of St. Katarina from Sienna was erected. On the remains of Benedictine convent of St. Simeon (11th c.), the convents of St. Clare and St. Apostles (15/16th c.) a new Dominican convent was built after the earthquake. During the French occupation in 1808 significant additions were done: boarding school later grammar school and Musical school date from 1920.

Static stability and construction of the complex was disrupted in the earthquake of 1979. After archaeological researches the valorisation of the space structure was made and the proposal was to keep the Baroque phase and to present all earlier layers. The complex was cleared from additional annexing. The Centre for artistic training and education - Musical school remained and the ground plan of the space was adjusted to the school. It was also interpolated a new building in the southeast part of the garden. Constructive renovation was done in all parts of the complex particularly in the ground floor and the basement. The complex is well equipped with infranstructure and installations for the basic function of Musical school. Fire and noise prevention are also installed. The park inside the object is very valuable part of the complex.