Municipality Building
Municipality Building

Area: 2400 m2
Duration of works: July 1982. – July 1984.
Cost: 2.264.776,35 US $

Design made by: Petar Kušan, arch.,Dražen Aničić, C.E.Ph.D., IGH Zagreb
Contractor: GP “Dubrovnik”
Supervision: Jurica Carić, arch., Jure Baletić, C.E.
Construction foreman: Ivo Šarić, civil engineering technician

On the place of present-day complex of the cinema, coffee-house, exhibition room, municipality building and the theatre in the past there were Arsenals, grain storages, Main Guard and the city hall. It is mentioned in the part of Great Arsenal in the Statute of 1272 and during the times some parts were added. After the earthquakes in 1520 and 1667 and during the 18, 19 and 20th centuries the complex got permanent alterations; demolitions, repairs, additions.

Present municipality building is a neo-Renaissance building built on the place of mediaeval city hall and a part of the Arsenal. It is connected to the Rector's Palace from the southern side and with its eastern wall to the theatre and the coffee-house. Its ground floor serves as entrances to the theatre and the coffee-house.

The construction of the building was damaged in the earthquake of 1979. Due to preserving the oldest structure of the object in the ground floor the renovation was done by case core of the staircase with two transversal reinforced concrete walls from its foundations to the roof. The middle longitudinal reinforced-concrete wall leaned against the core, gables and the facade are carried by all reinforced-concrete entresol slabs. All building and handicraft works were included in its renewal and the object is completely adopted for housing the municipality i.e. present city government with representative rooms for the city mayor and large and small city halls. On the first floor it is made the connection to the Rector's Palace on the south side and on the east to the theatre and the exhibition room.