St.John's Fortress
St.John's Fortress

Area: 2500 m2
Duration of works: June 1982. – September 1985.
Cost: 1.635.739,11 US $

St.John's fortress is situated on the further end of the southeast part of the old city harbour. It is connected to the city walls and they together made a unique defensive complex around the historic centre of Dubrovnik. Development of fortresses was accompanied with development of weapons, cold and firearms and consistently with that we follow development and changes in forms of those important structures for the City defence. On the place of present St.John's Fortress there was Gundulić's tower in the 10th century which was connected to the northern tower od Mula in the 16th century into a unique defensive complex. It was named fortress due to its very important defensive role. During the periods it was slightly modernized and the greatest interventions were performed in the 19th century during the Austrian rule when it became army barracks.

In the earthquake of 1979 the vaults' constructions were damaged and the walls cracked and detached. During 1982 the significant constructive works were done on the fortress: horizontal ring beams, reinforced-concrete slabs above the ground floor's ceilings, vertical dilatation towards the remains of city walls etc. The fortress was completely renovated with all constructive, handicraft and installation works in function of Biological Institute with Aquarium (ground floor and a part of the first floor) and the Maritime museum in part of the first floor and the second floor where it is separated with an entrance from the terrace. There is a large art studio there, too.