After the war of 1991-1992, the necessary funds for the restoration of the architectural heritage of Dubrovnik could not be provided exclusively from the budget of the Republic of Croatia. Additional funds were ensured through fund-raising campaign.

In collaboration with UNESCO and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage of Dubrovnik, we have prepared a brochure for possible sponsors, entitled "Dubrovnik 1991-1992" - Action Plan. This bilingual English-French brochure was published in February 1993 in Paris.

Donations for the specific restoration projects were collected through the Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik.
UNESCO provided financial and technical assistance

Several organisations were founded with the purpose of raising funds for the restoration of the architectural heritage of Dubrovnik:

  • Künstler helfen Dubrovnik, Düsseldorfer helfen Dubrovnik, Germany.
  • The International Trust for Croatian Monuments, GB
  • The Rebuild Dubrovnik Fund, U.S.A.,

Some already existing organisations joined the fund-raising action:

  • American Express Foundation, U.S.A.
  • Associazione Mecenate 90
  • Grand Circle Foundation, S.A.D.
  • Hamburgiche Landesbank, Germany
  • PKZ, Poland
  • Rotary Klub Klagenfurt, Austria,

Some individuals like the pianist Ivo Pogorelic, Katija Jovic from Milan, the Mayor of Ruiel-Malmaison Jacques Baumel, the Italian Ambassador Salvatore Cilento and many others gave their assistance and contributions mostly through the organisations mentioned above or through the Society of Friends of the Antiquities of Dubrovnik.

Local and national companies acted as mediators or provided direct assistance: Atlantska plovidba Dubrovnik, Atlas Dubrovnik, GP Dubrovnik, Privredna banka Zagreb, Rez Zagreb, Tondach Bedekovcina, Vijadukt Zagreb and others.

The list of donors is incomplete, as some donations were realised directly, without the intervention of the Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik.

According to the data available, we estimate that some 15% of the total amount spent for the restoration of the architectural heritage of Dubrovnik came from donations in the post-war period. From 1997, the proportion of donations has been reduced to a minimum.