The Franciscan monastery at Rožat
The Franciscan monastery at Rožat

Area: 2.500 m2
Duration of works: July 1983. - June 1986.
Cost: 2.264.438,07 $

Designs made by: Nikola Brbora, arch., "GRO Dubrovnik"
Contractor: GK “Međimurje”, Čakovec
Supervision: Jurica Carić, arch., Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik
Construction foreman: Zvonko Lovrenčić, C.E.

The Franciscan monastery at Rožat is a highest category monument. Very well located, it represents a landmark in the general perspective of Rožat and Rijeka dubrovačka. It was built in the 15th century and partly reconstructed following the 1667 earthquake. During this reconstruction, the architectural and style features of the old monastery were almost fully recpected. The northern wing of the cloister arcade was not reconstructed at the time.

The contract on the use of property has been signed between the owner, Franciscan Province in Zadar, and the Municipality of Dubrovnik. The church and about 40% of the monastery are used by the Franciscans and returned to its original form, while 60% of the monastery is transferred to the Municipality of Dubrovnik for 50 years, free of charge. By a decision of the Municipal Assembly, this part of the complex was assigned to the University of Zagreb.

Large intervention of structural consolidation was required following the 1979 earthquake, particularly because the foundations are in fill soil. The bell-tower and the cloister arcades had to be deconstructed and restituted. The project envisaged the complete restoration of the cloister, so that the fourth arcade wing, which have caved in after the 1667 earthquake, was also reconstructed; excavated original fragments served as guidelines.